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Derived from the word “friendly baby”, Chummy Baby is a brand dedicated to provide every babies’ essential needs. Aiming to win every Mommies’ trust for safe and quality products.

Chummy Baby’s cute and playful products’ ranges from feeding bottle, training cup, silicone nipple, breastmilk line, silicone toothbrush and milk dispenser.

Chummy Baby

Silicone Nipple


Chummy Baby

Spill Proof Training Cup


Chummy Baby

Feeding Bottle


Chummy Baby

Milk Powder Dispenser


Chummy Baby Breast Pump

Watch these amazing mommies as they review Chummy Baby’s Manual Breast Pump. Momshie Ja, Momshies Diary, and ThatsApple Lugtu appear in this video.

Chummy Baby Breast Milk Storage

Manufactured of food-grade silicone and may be reused multiple times, decreasing the environmental impact of single-use plastic.

Chummy Baby Breast Milk Storage

Chummy Baby Breast Milk Storage Bags are 100% leak-proof with double zipper seals. They feature measurement indicator to record your information.

Essentials made for you little one from Chummy Baby!

Keep up with everything we know your Chummy Baby needs just like Mommy Regine and Baby Rosie.